If you have ever set up a new project, be it work or hobby, you’ve probably faced one of the biggest challenges that a developer has to face. OverEngineering!

The Breakfast Machine

A prime example would be this Lego Breakfast Machine by The Brick Wall. Don’t take it too seriously. He knows what he’s doing.

What stack do I use?

Let’s say I’m setting up a blog. “Do I use plain HTML and CSS? But wait, that’s too basic.”. Then let’s use a React setup. Scourging the web, days of research and POCs later, the final thing I end up with is a stack with React, Redux, Styled Components, Typescript, Redux Saga and (an immensely optimised and complicated) Webpack setup.

But is it really necessary? All I wanted was a platform where I could jot down my thoughts. I didn’t have to build an E-Commerce app like Amazon or something. “But I was just building a robust solution for my project.”

Just because we have a lot of options to choose from, doesn’t mean we have to use all of them. It’s like cooking with spices and seasonings. Different recipes need different spices, some less, some more. If you use chilli sauce while baking a cake, it’ll just ruin it.

Then how do you build out a good solution?

Here are a few small pointers for you.

How to maintain a good solution?

Creating something from scratch is easy, maintaining it is hard. Here are some tips

That’s all folks. At the end of the day stop thinking too much and just build something. It’s a lot more simple, fun, satisfying and gratifying once you start something. Remember how static friction is much more difficult to overcome than dynamic friction? Get the ball rolling, you’ll get there eventually.

ja mata neWell, see you later